We’re pleased to announce that the 2017 George Gund Foundation annual report website won a Silver ADDY in the microsite category at the 2018-2019 Cleveland American Advertising Awards Show.

Jonathan Woodruff was the creative director, lead designer, and developer on the project. He worked closely with Nate Druss, designer and developer. The team was supported by Greg Oznowich, creative director. The Foundation’s Board Chair, Geoffrey Gund, and Executive Director, David Abbott, were both contributing writers.

The annual report design centered on the theme, “Arts as Political Activism,” and centered on the work of commissioned photographer, Accra Shepp. The photographs captured the work of local organizations committed to artistic activism, including Brick City Theatre, Dancing Wheels, Shooting Without Bullets, Tri-C Dance Academy, and Twelve Literary Arts.

Web browser view of The George Gund Foundation 2017 annual report design, titled "Political Activism in the Arts"

Jonathan and Nate went with a digital-first approach, incorporating animation throughout the microsite that enabled an interactive, immersive user experience. Animation included hand-drawn glyphs and headlines that emulated street art and graffiti. The overall black and white aesthetic with selective color created a stark, urban feel that further emphasized the artistic activism Shepp captured across the city.

The designers also included the spoken word of Daniel Gray-Kontar, Twelve Literary Arts executive artistic director and poet, that takes the immersiveness of the experience to a new level.

Handdrawn glyph of a circle, crossed out, featured in The George Gund Foundation 2017 annual report design
Handdrawn glyph of a peace sign, featured in The George Gund Foundation 2017 annual report design